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It's not rocket science,
but it used to be.  When Scott Kjelgaard left his work as a NASA engineer to explore the frontier of collaborative designs, he didn’t realize he was headed for a whole new business devoted to the creation of a simple work space that makes collaborative environments so successful.

As a consultant, Scott knew the value of crafting collaborative work environments to facilitate creativity. He knew from experience that the collaborative environment teams use can be key in their success.  As an engineer, he knew that portability and ease of assembly/disassembly were also important.  As a result, the Nomad system was designed to quickly and easily provide a single look and feel that can transform any room into a collaborative design space.

When Scott died, in his mid 40s, from cancer, he left his devoted, loving wife, Nola, at the helm of the business they built together. He also left his two doting daughters to the business of building their own amazing lives – one as a Disney engineer and one as a creative writer.  Scott built his life around helping others find their own solutions and enhance their own creativity.  Let his product help you now.

Nola continues to provide Nomad Rolling Dry-Erase Boards designed to meet the changing needs of today’s collaborative work environment From a single unit to multiple units linked to create seamless lengths of angled walls, Kinetic Energies provides work surfaces and finishes ideal for specific needs of each client.  We can frame your panel(s) in custom finished Baltic birch or environmentally friendly bamboo. We can send out a single rolling unit or enough for a small army. 

Call us now!  We’re super friendly.  We actually care about your success, and we’ll help you create a work space ideal for you and your group.  Come on now.  Let’s get rolling…

Our Vision
Allow everyone, with the desire to work in a collaborative environment, the ability to create that environment wherever that work might be.

Our Mission
Provide the physical infrastructure required for a collaborative environment. In line with our vision, this requires us to create portable collaborative work spaces of high quality and low cost.

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