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Renting a Kinetic Energies Collaborative Design Space
Kinetic Energies realizes that sometimes you need to use a collaborative environment and don't have the requirement for owning a system. Kinetic Energies maintains rental environments so you can have access to collaborative environments as required.

Rental Rates
1 day rate is $110.00
2 day rate is $100.00
3 day rate is $95.00
4 day rate is $85.00
5 day rate is $75.00

Please note that  panels rent in groups of 3,and Kinetic Energies uses the common carrier system to minimize shipping fees. If you'd like an estimate for shipping please call us at 803.808.5263. We'll need to know the zip code of the ship to location.

Here's an example of how a lease might work:

12 panels x $110 x 1.5 days = 1980
 + Logistics fee $300  (this fee covers the time required for Kinetic Energies to arrange all logistics involved with the shipment)
= $2280

Does not include shipping charges.
(Kinetic Energies assumes there is a minimum of .5 pre-days.)
Call now to discuss your needs.

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