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Our clients say:
The Nomad whiteboards are critical to the success of the collaborative process at Bell. They have been in use at Bell for 10 years. The quality, design and workmanship are second to none - they have been used, shipped and reused across Canada - they hold up very well. They are in such high demand that team members are constantly stealing them away to their own offices - a testament to their value and use.

Norm Silins,
Bell Canada

Capgemini uses several sets of Nomad units for workshop purposes.  Their great advantages are quick transport and set-up, and the extremely flexible nature of their configuration.  They enable us to run very impactful workshops in client locations with minimal set-up time.  We have used them in locations as diverse as a hotel ballroom in Hawaii, a golf clubhouse dining room in Bermuda, a tent on the New York State fairgrounds and a corporate training facility in Houston.

Chip Saltsman,Vice President Americas Leader,
Capgemini Accelerated Solutions Environment

Our company has been using Kinetic Energies to supply movable marker boards for over 10 years. We run creative workshops for groups of 20-200 participants and the boards have been indispensible. Far superior to flip charts or other paper-based media, the boards allow breakout groups to create their own spaces and have lots of room to build visual models to address all kinds of challenges. The equipment is easy to assemble and Kinetic Energies provides tenacious attention to the logistics of shipping and delivery. I can truly say that these boards have transformed our approach to designing collaborative events.”

Bryan Coffman,
President,Sente Corporation

At the Disney Entrepreneur Center, we've found Kinetic Energies rolling dry erase boards valuable for meetings and brainstorming, and especially appreciate the mobility and ease of use as our needs changed.  Most importantly, we've found they stand up to high demand use - are durable in day in and day out, and that's just what we need in a product.

Jerry Ross, Executive Director
Disney Entrepreneur Center

Nomad panel can transform almost any room into a collaborative design work space.  For internal or external consultants, the value of Nomad tools in the work setting is difficult to sell, but once they are experienced, anything less just makes everything feel like hard work.  The modern CEO wants an environment of innovation, learning and speed.  Nomad panels can help create that kind of workplace.

Joe Sterling
Sterling Insights

Using these sturdy, rolling dry erase marker boards  is an invaluable tool to get people thinking and moving on what matters most. Using this tool makes it easy to get individuals or groups engaged in the process of working together to bring about the best resolutions in problem solving.  They're easy to move, in constant use and frequently find their way out of the office when we're engaged in community events.  It's like a post it note or a paper clip; once you use it, you'll wonder how you worked without it.

Robin McClannan
Hospice Volunteer Coordinator

The Nomad dry erase boards are great for facilitating large groups in multi-day training sessions.  As consultants we know that by iterating something seven times, the solution improves 1,000%.  The Nomad is a key tool in making those multiple iterations much more successful.

Bill Marquard
Marble Leadership

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